Young Girl Gets Surgery After Being Bullied About Her “Elf Ears.” Bursts Into Tears When Bandage Removed


Bullies pick on their victims for all kinds of reasons, but it’s usually those related to appearances that they focus most on. All people have their unique beauty, but it’s not easy to see it that way when you’re getting picked on in school for having a slightly bigger nose or ears.
In the case of the young girl in the video below, the bullying got so bad that she decided with her parents that it would be best to go under the knife and get surgery to make her ears smaller.
For years, Bella Harrington was teased about her “elf ears” by classmates and other colleagues from school. For 11-year-old Bella, every day she had to go to school was a torment because it meant someone bullying her for the way she looked. At one point, the bullying got so bad that Bella would tape back her ears and fix her hair so they wouldn’t show at all.
The plastic surgeon who operated on her says that five percent of the population has protruding ears. The procedure to have them fixed can cost $5,000, but the self-confidence gained from it is priceless, he says. It definitely seems to apply in Bella’s case.