This young boy was separated from his 3 siblings. But when he’s told THIS, his eyes fill with tears

As a mother, the only thing more difficult than being separated from your children is not being able to provide the basic living conditions and seeing your children struggle because they go to bed on an empty stomach and don’t have the normal living conditions that many other kids take for granted.
Latasha is a single mom who had to make a difficult decision to ensure the best possible future for their kids. Things started to go downhill after one of her kids got sick. Latasha had to miss several days from her job to take care of her sick kid, which ultimately resulted in her losing her job. With no income, Latasha was no longer able to make her car payments or pay her bills.
She lost her car, her utilities were cut off and even lost the home where she was raising her children. Knowing that she no longer can provide for her kids, Latasha made the difficult decision to separate her kids until she got back on her feet.
TV host Steve Harvey heard about their story and decided to help. On his birthday show, Harvey surprised the woman with an incredible gift. You need to see this!

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