You won’t believe what this little kitten does to wake up her owner. It doesn’t get much CUTER

If you’ve ever had a feline living with you, then you most likely know that cats have their own particular ways of getting your attention when they want to. Unlike their canine counterparts, cats have their secrets when it comes to letting their human friends know it’s time to pay more attention to their needs.
Cats will give clear indicators whenever they want or need something from you. And they definitely are not above bugging their owners to make sure their requests are met as soon as possible. Before you start judging this type of behavior, remember that it’s part of cats’ charm.
In fact, sometimes, their way of asking things is downright adorable! Just take a look at the feline in the video below. Her way of asking her owner to wake up in the morning is the cutest thing you’ll see today.
The cat has made quite a habit out of softly chewing on her owner’s ear to let her know it’s time to raise and shine. We’re not exactly sure, but we’re pretty confident the cat is also whispering something “sweet” into her owner’s ear, such as: “Wake up and feed me, slave.” Cats…

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