This woman used her couponing skills to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey

Hurricanes, storms, natural disasters, fires; these are all problems affecting millions of people from around the world. These people need help. Sure, it’s easy to look at all the bad going on in the world and feel small; like there’s nothing you can do to help.
But not every gesture needs to be big to be important. We all have skills we can use to help others and make someone’s life just a little bit better. In the case of Kimberly Gager, the woman in the video below, it’s couponing skills.
The woman admits she has a couponing addiction, but she decided to use it for good and help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.
How exactly did she do it? The woman donated supplies and caned good she had purchased using her coupons. And you’ll amazed just how many supplies she managed to get using nothing but coupons she has collected from magazines, papers and promotional brochures. Some she even got online!
From diapers to baby food and toilet paper, Kimberly was able to purchase many of the supplies hurricane evacuees were in desperately need of.
And what started as a simple act of kindness quickly turned into a local phenomenon thanks to a message Kimberly posted on social media urging others to help as well in any way they could.
The woman donated her time and skills to help those in need, and she’s definitely an inspiration to all of us because of it. To find out more about her story and how many people she ended up helping, check out the video below.

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