Woman Sets Bowl On Top of Cake, Shares Brilliant Trick That May Change How You Cut One

The cake is one of the highlights of any celebration and one of the most highly-anticipated moments of any event. But picture this scenario: you’ve just made a beautiful birthday cake for all of your guests to enjoy and now there’s the pressure to cut the cake into perfectly even slices.
This is especially true for events for kids, because if you give someone a smaller size piece of cake then you have the others, then you’re just a second away from chaos unleashing. And nobody wants that, right?
Well, there is actually an easy way to ensure that all pieces of the cake will be even, instead of the first person you serve getting a tiny slice and the last person getting a huge slice. The first thing you need to do is take a bowl that is smaller than you cake and place that on top of the cake. You’ll use this shape to guide you in cutting a smaller cake within your initial cake.
Once you’ve done that, you begin to cut slices starting with the exterior of the initial cake. This will allow you to cut smaller slices, evenly. And because the circumference of the smaller cake will be smaller, you’ll get proportionally-sized slices for every single one of your guests.
You can see this tactic in action and get more explanations to help you pull this off the next time you’re in charge of cutting off a cake at a party by watching the video below.
I definitely wish I knew this sooner!

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