Woman Sells Home To Live In Tiny Teardrop. Take A Peek Inside Its Functionality

Bigger isn’t always better. The woman in the video below is a firm believer of that, which is why she decided to change her lifestyle and approach a minimalist way of living.
After retiring from her life-long career as a pharmacist, Sarah sold a lot of the goods she owned and used the money to buy a tiny teardrop RV that allowed her to travel the country and still live comfortably.
The trailer only costed her a fraction of what a property home would have costed her, and the best part is that she doesn’t have a massive mortgage to worry about. Instead, Sarah is constantly travelling to new and exciting places, and she says that this is how she’s always dreamt about spending her retirement years.
And don’t think Sarah has to make any sacrifices in term of comfort. Although it’s not very big, all available space is used to its full potential. Believe it or not, the RV has a functioning sink, stove, bathroom, shower and refrigerator!
Do you want to take a look inside and see what else did Sarah manage to fit into her $15,000 home on wheels? Watch her as she gives a private tour and get ready to be impressed by what you see!

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