Woman Leaves Her Baby with A Lion Cub – 20 Years Later, Her Photos Go Viral

We all have fond memories of our childhood years; like playing in the park with our friends, riding our bicycles down the street or tasting mom’s delicious treats on Sunday morning. But for French actress Tippi Degré, childhood memories are a lot different.
That’s because Tippi spent her first years of life amongst exotic, wild animals with beautiful African nature scenes as her playing ground. You see, Tipi’s parents used to be nature photographers and were living in Namibia when Tippi was just a little girl.
It’s safe to say that the girl’s childhood was anything but conventional, but she did have a decade of being able to explore the wild and experience things that most kids with an appetite for adventure would only dream about experiencing.
What’s more, because her parents were professional photographs, many of Tippi’s adventures in the wild were captured in stunning photos that later served as the starting point of a fascinating French documentary titled: “Le Monde Selon Tippi.” The documentary was released in 1997 and viewed by millions of people throughout the world.
These photos have gone viral – and it’s really no surprise why considering it’s not every day you get to learn about a real-life version of Mowgli, the famous fictional boy who got lost in the jungle and grew up with wild animals. Tippi’s adventures are worthy of being turned into a movie, but until them, here is some incredible footage of Tippi connecting with the beauty of the natural world with the kind of innocence that only a child can possess.
This is incredible!

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