Woman Helps “Seal” Cat Nobody Wanted— Then Cat Returns Favor In Remarkable Way

All pets deserve to be loved and be taken care of, even if they don’t look exactly like the rest of their peers. The adorable cat in the video below looks just like his toy seal, and is now with a family who loves and appreciates her uniqueness.

However, life wasn’t always as good for this cat. Ottis is a special needs cat who was abandoned after he started developing large, painful cysts in his ears. His previous family was unwilling to pay for his surgery, so the cat ended up at Reline Rescue Association of Baltimore.

There, surgeons were forced to remove the cat’s ears so that they could also remove the cysts, but after the surgery, things took a turn for the better in Ottis’ case. The earless cat was adopted by Molly, a young woman suffering from anxiety as a result of a car accident.

The cat changed Molly’s life for the better by helping her cope with her mental health struggles. The cat is an incredible companion and source of comfort.
Together, Molly and Ottis make a great team, helping one another navigate the challenges of everyday life. Learn more about their story together by watching the video below:

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