Woman Gives Pet-Store Cat Hug Goodbye— Then Snuggly Tabby Refuses to Let Go

Dogs are known for having a hard time saying goodbye to their owners, even if they are only left alone for a couple of hours.
They cry, whine, and do all kinds of adorable things that make you feel like a jerk for leaving. Cats, on the other hand, don’t seem to care as much, as they are more independent, and more often than not, don’t even seem to realize whether their owners are home or not.
But not all felines are the same, and what is going in the video below is the best argument to support this statement.
Andy Brumagen and his fiancé Jessica Parken had recently adopted a kitten, and with a baby in the house as well, they had a lot going on in their lives to afford to get a new cat. Even so, they decided to pop by the local pet shop to play with the animals there.
They immediately went towards the car section where Jessica was instantly drawn to a tabby colored cat. So she picked the cat up to give her a hug, but when she wanted to put her back in the pen, the most incredible thing happened.
“When I had tried putting him back, he legitimately clutched onto me and I shed a couple tears. It broke my heart that he wasn’t home with me,” she wrote in social media post soon after leaving the pet store.
Sadly, the woman couldn’t take the affectionate cat home, but she hopes that through her post, the cat will find a loving owner soon.

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