Woman Enters the Arena. Once She Removes Her Cape, Everyone Was Left Spellbound

Elsa is without a doubt one of the most famous Disney characters ever created. Kids and adults alike love dressing up like her for all kinds of special occasions. And as you know, in the movie Frozen, Elsa’s special power was turning everything into ice and snow.
Well, in the case of the “Elsa” in the video below, her special power is her incredible horse with whom she can put on a show that leaves an entire audience speechless. In reality, the young woman’s name is not Elsa but Laura Sumrall.
She is not an ice-kingdom queen but an unbelievable horse trainer. But she does look a lot like Else from the movie. Taking advantage of the movie’s popularity and the physical similarities that exist between her and Elsa, Laura decided to set her routine for the Kentucky Reining Cup to the soundtrack of the famous Disney movie.
And it turned out to be an inspired choice because she and her not only dazzled the crowd, but she also took home the World Freestyle championship! This is definitely something you need to see to believe, so take a look and don’t forget to share this with others!

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