Woman Decides To Live In Shipping Container With Daughter, Take A Peek Inside

No one should be homeless or forced to live in a shipping container, but unfortunately, this is a part of the reality we live in nowadays.
The woman you will get to know by watching the video below was told to leave her house, and she had no idea where to go until one of her friend suggested to try a new way of living that involved an unconventional home.
Although she had mixed feelings about living in such a small space with her young daughter, Lulu finally decided to turn a shipping container into a home and live far away from all the commotion of big city life.
And what she managed to do with the place is downright incredible considering what she had to work with and her limited budget.
Thanks to a few creative ideas, the woman made the most out the resources she had and maximized every inch of the available space. The most unbelievable part is that she only spent $4,000 to pay for her home and everything in it, which is less than some people pay for rent every month.
The home has everything she and her daughter need, and although this lifestyle isn’t for everybody, Lulu says she and her daughter have never been happier. By limiting the amount of stuff they have, they are able to live a more stress free life and focus on their relationship, rather than on buying more things.
Are you curious to know how Lulu’s home looks like on the inside? You won’t believe how cozy a former shipping container can be!

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