Woman asks shelter for oldest, hardest to adopt dog that no one wants

When most people go at an animal shelter to adopt a dog, it’s usually a puppy they want. However, animal shelters are full of senior dogs who are still active and in desperate need of a loving home. Sadly, though, older dogs are usually those who get adopted last, and most of them never find a forever home.
Well, when the woman in the video below went to the animal shelter to adopt a dog, she wasn’t looking to adopt the cutest, youngest or friendliest dog she could find. Her purpose was to help a dog who needed it.
In fact, she specifically asked for the oldest dog who had the least chances of finding a forever home. That’s how she ended up with a 12-year-old terrier named Jake. The two immediately fell in love with each other, and Jake is the perfect pet to keep the woman company and take her mind off things, something she was in need of after her husband passed away.
To find out more about how the two became friends and how life looks now that they are together, make sure to check out the clip below. Their story will warm up your heart.

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