After wife dies man plants thousands of trees to hide a message. 17 years later it becomes clear

We all aspire to meet someone who will be by our side forever; someone to love and cherish for as long as we live. Janet and Winston were lucky enough to find one another and experience that kind of love. The two got married in 1962, and soon after that moved into a farmhouse in a beautiful location where they started their family.
They raised their children there and experienced both the good and the bad life has to offer together. The two were married for no less than 33 years. Sadly, though, Janet passed away from heart failure, and Winston was forced to adapt to a reality of which his beloved wife was no longer a part of.
Coping with the loss of his wife was the most difficult thing Winston has ever had to do, but he knew that his wife would want him to move on and be happy. And as a way to cope with losing Janet, Winston wanted to do something special to honor his wife and the wonderful life they had together.
And because Janet was a huge nature lover and enjoyed walking through the meadow near their home, Winston decided to use that area as a canvas and began planting oak trees behind his farm.
The final result was discovered accidentally by a balloonist seventeen years later. As it turns out, Winston used the trees to send a secret message to his wife in Heaven: that she will always have his heart.
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