Watch how desperate this raccoon is to make friends with this cat!

Cats pretty much rule the Internet, but they are not exactly the friendliest animals out there. In fact, cats are very selective when it comes to the friends they make. If you’ve ever had a cat, then you know that they are not too eager to make new friends and are perfectly happy just spending time by themselves.

The raccoon in the video below is desperately trying to get a cat to pay attention to him, but his efforts seem to be in vain from the start. The cat doesn’t even seem to acknowledge his presence and pretty much ignores him.

Still, the raccoon doesn’t let the cat’s attitude intimidate him and he further tries to make friends with the frisky cat.

This reminds me of those guys in clubs who are drunk and try to get girls to make out with them, but they just don’t give them any attention. Still, they try and try and try until it becomes pretty clear to everybody that they will definitely go home alone that night.

Well, things work different in the animal world, so maybe this cat will come around and give the poor raccoon a chance after all.


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