Vince Gill and Daughters Sing National Anthem, A Minute in They Hit a Note That’s Going Viral

The singing of the National Anthem is an important moment during any sporting event in the United States. But have you ever wondered how this tradition started in the first place?
Well, believe it or not, this practice dates all the way back to the 1918 World Series when, during the seventh-inning stretch of game one, the band began playing a song called “The Star-Spangled Banner.”
The Cubs and Red Sox players faced the centerfield flag pole and stood at attention. The crowd who was already standing up started to sing along and clapped when the song came to an end.
Nowadays, the singing of the National Anthem holds a special meaning, and so the artist who is invited to perform it has a responsibility to rise up the occasion and deliver a memorable performance.
That is exactly what Vince Gill and his daughters Jenny and Corrina did when they sang the Anthem during a Nashville hockey competition. This powerful trio got the crowd going with a rousing rendition of Star Spangled Banner before they were joined by PGA player Brandt Snedeker.
It’s pretty clear that in their case, talent runs in the family. Both girls have an impressive vocal talent, and it’s really no surprise considering their parents are talented singers as well.
This is without a doubt not the first time you listen to a rendition of the National Anthem via video, but this one is definitely worth your time. So take a couple of minutes out of your busy day to enjoy this!

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