Veteran couple sleep in freezing cold every night, lose it when little kids ‘give’ them a house

Navy veteran Eddie Browning and his wife Cindy Browning were in a pretty dramatic situation. After their life took a turn for the worse and they started to struggle financially, the two ended up losing their home. Like many other hard-working Americans, they found themselves in the situation of no longer being able to afford housing.
Life on the street is never easy, but it gets particularly difficult during the winter months when the weather outside gets freezing cold.
The two managed to get a camper and lived inside it for a while, but that only offered them little protection against the cold. When the camper burned down to pieces, they were left with nothing.
Every night before they went to bed and every morning as they woke up, they prayed that they would somehow be able to get a roof over their head and start putting their lives back in order. Help came from an unexpected place in a moment the two least expected.
Students from Elm Street Elementary in Rome, GA and volunteers heard about their story and decided to help. An entire team of people pitched in and together they managed to build a tiny home for them.
The group presented the home and gave the Brownings the keys during the Georgia Tiny House Festival in Eatonton at the Ooh La La Lavender Farm. Their reactions as they find out that they prayers were finally answered to is the best thing you’ll see today.
You may want to grab a box of tissues before you hit play, because this one is a tear-jerker.

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