UPS employees come together to donate car to a colleague who walks to work everyday

Although it may not always be easy to see it that way, we are stronger together. If we do our best to help one another and be there for each other without necessarily expecting something in return, amazing things can happen and the world will become a much better place.
That being said, what’s going on in the video below is definitely an inspiration for everyone. The clip shows the touching moment a few UPS workers surprise one of their youngest colleagues with a brand-new car, and it’s likely to put tears in your eyes.
Knowing that the young man walks more than 10 miles to come to work every single day, the generous employees all chipped in to buy a car and delivered the surprise in a huge package. The man’s reaction when he sees his gift is deeply touching.
It’s pretty obvious that he never expected anything like this to happen to him, which only makes everything that more heartwarming. This is not only a lesson about kindness and generosity but also about endurance and devotement.
If you put your mind at something, there is nothing you can’t do!
Everybody needs to see this.

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