Twins Are Supposed To Be Watching Movie. What’s Really Going On Has Mom Bolting For The Camera

Kids, especially younger ones, can be extremely unpredictable. You never know what they are going to do next and what unexpected thing will gain their attention. That is why it’s a good idea to always have a video recording device nearby.
Luckily, the mom in the video below did, so when her twins decided to act out a scene from their favorite movie, Disney’s “Frozen,” she was ready to capture their cuteness. Despite not having yet learned how to walk properly, the twins are extremely charismatic and have big personalities.
The two baby boys are always up to something; goofing around the house, much to everyone’s enjoyment. It’s safe to say these are two smart babies.
Being around a baby and observing his behavior as he discovers the world around him is a joyful experience, and where there are two babies, there is twice as much joy.
You can always count on baby videos to put you in a good mood, so if you need a little picker-upper just about now, all you have to do is hit Play. As always, we encourage you to spread the joy with others by sharing this adorable clip, because who doesn’t like babies, right?

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