Twins Act Out Their Favorite Scene from Frozen and It’s Adorable

There are have been numerous studies that have shown the incredible and uncanny connection that exists between twins. But the truth is you don’t need to read any complicated studies to realize twins share a special relationship. Everything from the way they look at each other to how they interact is proof that twins share a special bond that no words can properly describe.
Twins make the best team, no matter the age, and the video below proves it. The cute clip shows adorable twin toddlers acting out a scene from the popular Disney production called Frozen, and the Internet is going nuts over it.
Honestly, it’s really no surprise why.
Scarlett and Maddie, both almost 2, were filmed as they were acting out their favorite scene from the movie in the family living room by their mom who could barely contain her giggle.
The scene the twins were recreating shows Anna and Elsa playing in the snow and ice, one of the best scenes in the movies, if you ask me.
Judging by how well the toddlers are able to mimic the scene that play behind them on the TV, it’s clearly that this isn’t the first time the twins have seen this movie. They pretty much nail every single move the characters make in the movie.
It was their mom who posted the clip online, but she never expected this kind of reaction from people online. The clip scored more than 79,000 likes and 34,000 comments since it was posted, and counting.

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