A turtle was tangled in a fishing net – so sea kayakers came to the rescue

Debris in the oceans affects marine life more than we can come to imagine. The accumulation of trash and plastics in our oceans has a direct impact on the creatures living there and it can actually disrupt an entire food web through its indirect impacts.
Turtles are one of the species affected by the existence of marine debris, and many turtles die after having ingested debris, like plastic bags of fishing line. Fishing rods are particularly dangerous for turtles, as they not only risk ingesting it, but they can also get tangled in it and possibly suffocate to death.
The turtles in the video below got tangled in a fishing net as she was swimming, but luckily she was found in time by some kindhearted kayakers who came to the rescue. When the turtle spotted them, she began swimming towards the boat they were in, as if she was asking for help.
As soon as she got close enough, the kayakers pulled her out of the water and started working on the net. They only had one tool with them, a small knife, but luckily, they managed to free the turtle without harming her. Then, they set it back free into the ocean.
The entire moment was captured on video.
This turtle was lucky enough to be found by someone who could help her, but there are many turtles that as not as fortunate. Please share this video and help spread awareness about the negative impact debris and illegal fishing have on all marine life.

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