He was trying to get some gardening done when a baby bird came along…this is crazy!

Whether we like to admit or not, most of us get really excited about food, and it’s really no surprise why. The explanation is pretty straightforward. Food is such a huge part about our lives. Just think about how much time you spend in a day either thinking about food, talking about it, making food or eating it.
Well, if we often eat to feel better or just because we have certain cravings, animals eat merely to survive. But that doesn’t mean they don’t still get excited about food. Just take a look at the little birdie in the video below.
She came across a massive supply of food and her reaction is basically any of us stuffing our faces with food.
The American Robin flew down next to a man who was just starting to do some gardening. The man was digging down, and was a bit annoyed by the bird getting in his way. But as soon as he saw the earthworms in the dirt, he knew why the bird was chirping as she was.
The speed with which the bird manages to find and extract the worms from the dirt is truly impressive. Take a look:

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