Triplets Mistaken for Each Other All Their Lives. At 27, Undergo Makeover to Set Them Apart

Amy, Laura, and Jan are identical triplets, which means people have been mistaken them for each other their entire lives. And although having two identical siblings does come with its perks, the young women said that it has led them to experiencing some sort of an identity crisis.
Simply put, now at age 27, they wanted to come into their own and adopt a style that would best express their individual personalities. Because although they look the same, they all have different personalities, different tastes and even different styles.
After having heard about their “tr-identity” crisis, the producers at the Rachel Ray Show decided to have the girls on the show and give them the makeover of a lifetime. And the transformations are downright incredible.
An entire team of stylists, makeup artists and hairstylists worked to showcase each one of the girl’s unique beauty and style, and after a few hours, the girls each had a brand-new look.
I don’t want to give out the surprise, but let’s just say that no one will ever mistake these girls for each other ever again! If you love a good make over, the you need to check out this clip!

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