Trick-Or-Treater Finds Empty Candy Bowl — Security Camera Catches Simple Act of Kindness.

If you’re a kid, the best thing about Halloween is not dressing up. When you’re a kid, it’s all about the candy. Nothing beats going from door to door and filling up your pockets with all kinds of delicious candy.
But instead of just giving candy away, Jesse Robertson of Idaho Falls, Idaho decided to try something else this Halloween. So she set up a camera and put out a sign in front of her door that read “Do a trick, take a treat! Only one or two please. You’re on camera!”
The woman wanted to see if kids would behave or get greedy and get more candy than instructed. She wanted to surprise kids but she was the one who ended up getting surprised the most.
One kid’s generous gesture took her totally by surprise, so she decided to share the footage that shows it in action with others. In the footage, you can see a boy dressed in his Halloween costume approaching the empty candy bowl.
When he notices the bowl is empty, he expresses a brief moment of disappointment, but just seconds later, returns to do the most unexpected thing: leave some of his own candy in the bowl for future trick-or-treaters.
You need to see this!

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