Trail camera captures extremely rare pack of black wolves in Minnesota

Sort video footage shows a pack of black wolves roaming through the wilderness. The moment unfolded in Minnesota and it was caught on my a trail camera. As it turns out, spotting a black wolf in the wild is an extremely rare occurrence.

Voyageurs Wolf Project

In fact, according to the International Wolf Center the chances to see such a majestic creature are less than two percent. Nevertheless, these chances can increase if we’re talking about the Yellowstone National Park, where nearly half of the wolf population are actually with a black coat.

Voyageurs Wolf Project

The rare footage was shared online by the Voyageurs Wolf Project.

“This wolf pack is almost entirely black wolves, which is quite rare for Minnesota! Of course, this is not to say it does not happen, but rather that it is definitely not the norm,” the organization wrote in YouTube. “For reference, black wolves make up 1.5-2% of wolves in Minnesota based on data in the state from 1980 to 2020.”

You can watch the rare moment here:

The wolves are thriving in Minnesota, where they nearly doubled their population over the last four decades, according to the Department of Natural Resources.

A black wolf in the Yellowstone National Park
Photo Source Nat Geo Wild

“Minnesota’s wolf range has expanded significantly since the 1970s when wolf packs were found only in the far north,” the report reads. “Today, wolf packs exist as far south as Center City, Milaca, Little Falls and Detroit Lakes.”

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