Tom Petty’s Final Live Performance with Stevie Nicks Proves Why He Is a Legend

Rocker Tom Petty is quite probably one of the most famous entertainers to ever walk the Earth. His legendary music embodied the essence of rock-n-roll: freedom, truth and rebellion.
Sadly, Tom Petty passed away at the beginning of October, and the news came as a shock to his fans from all over the world. He was only 66 years old.
But although he is no longer physically with us, his music will live forever.
With a career that spanned more than half a century, Tom Petty has left a tremendous musical legacy behind him. His songs were often deemed as musical poetry, and in addition to his songs and albums, there are also several performances that speak volumes about Tom Petty’s value as an artist.
The duet captured in the video below is for sure one of those performances that have helped write rock-n-roll history. This was one of the last stage appearances of Tom Petty captured on video.
The performance took place in September 2017, as part of BBC’s Live in Hyde Park Event. And did we mention, it’s actually a duet alongside Stevie Nicks? If this doesn’t make you want to hit Play, then I don’t know what will!

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