Tiny Girl Storms into Room. Her “Argument” With Mommy Has Internet In Stitches

When they are babies, children rely on their parents for everything. But as they start to make their first steps and discover the world around them, they become less and less attached to their parents. Also, their need for being more independent increases, but as most parents out there know, children are not always prepared for the level of independence they want.
This often leads to arguments between children and parents over the craziest, smallest things. More often than now, kids don’t even know exactly what they are arguing about. Such was the case of the mom and the little girl I the video below, and the result is going viral.
You see, the two-year-old girl who has no command of the English language (for obvious reasons) has already mastered the art of talking back, and her mom is the first person in the world to see it in action. With her hands up in the air and her voice raised up to the highest frequency, the little girl tells her mom off, although no one can know for sure why she was upset in the first place.
If this doesn’t make you smile, then you’re not human.

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