Three Men Drag Police Officer into Forest to Kill Him, Don’t See Dog’s Reign of Terror Coming


A dog from the K9 unit has been called a hero for having saved the life of a fellow police officer – and now the story is going viral.
According to official police reports, Deputy Frazier from Long Beach, Mississippi was ambushed by three men driving a suspicious van. Their plan was to drag the deputy into the forest to kill him.
In fact, the police officers later declared that he heard one of the men say that they would slit his throat once they get to a secluded enough place in the forest. Luckily, though, deputy Frazier managed to grab his keychain before it was too late and was able to unlock the compartment of the K9 unit in his patrol car.
The next second, the K9 officer named Lucas attacked one of the criminals. The speed and intensity of the attack was so impressive that it managed to scare off the other two attackers, thus saving the police officer’s life.
After that, the deputy managed to call for back-ups and the whole incident ended without him suffering any life-threatening injuries.
The details of this story are incredible, so make sure to pay attention to the report captured in the video below.