Three Grandmas Smoke Weed For The First Time Ever And Their Reaction Is Viral!

A new video went viral! Three grandmothers agreed to be part of a social experiment. They smoked marijuana for the first time, on camera.
All three over the age of 60,explained on camera that they have never used drugs, even light ones as marijuana, for various reasons. Most have become mothers when they were quite young and were too occupied with raising children and had a lot of concerns. Another reason was that they didn’t knew where to find marijuana and the fear of becoming drug addicts.

Why have they agreed, however, to do this for the first time in front of the cameras? Grandmothers were informed by a doctor marijuana can be consumed for therapeutic purposes and is not addictive. Their reaction after smoking marijuana caused a sensation on the net! Grandmothers began to laugh in chorus, one of them saying that she feels perfect and she got rid of her back pain.

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