This brave grandma saved a police officer’s life

Not all heroes wear capes, and the courageous grandma named Vickie Williams-Tillman in the video below proves it.
It all started as a normal day for the 56-year-old woman and nothing pointed out to the fact that by the end of the day, people will be calling her a hero. Vicky was busy running some errands that day when faith intervened, and she found herself in the middle of a dangerous situation.
She saw a police man arguing with a man, and the fight seemed pretty intense. Still, the woman didn’t think much of it at first, because she assumed that the officer could handle it. But in a split second, things escalated to a point in which the woman felt like she needed to intervene.
As Vicky was in the middle of rolling down her window to ask the officer if he needed any help, the man whom the police officer was talking to did something unexpected. Taking advantage of the fact the officer was looking towards Vicky, he grabbed his baton, and began beating him over the head with it in a vicious manner.
Without thinking twice, the woman jumped out of her car to help the officer. Although she obviously doesn’t have the strength of a man, Vicky jumped onto the attacker’s back and was able to get the man’s hand off the cop’s handgun, most likely saving the officer’s life.
This woman is an example to all of us. If we would all stand up for what’s right, even when we’re scared and alone, the world would be a much better place for all of us. If you only share one story today, I hope it will be this one.

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