She thinks it’s a regular Porta-Potty. What comes out? I couldn’t stop laughing!

Chances are you’re pretty familiar with the concept of a Porta-Potty. I mean, if you’ve ever been at a music festival, or any other public event that takes places outdoors for that matter, then you’ve most likely used it at least a couple of times.
But I bet you’ve never seen a Porta-Potty like the one in the video below. This portable toilet hides a massive secret – and it’s not what you might think (Thank God, right?). From a distance, it looks like your average John-on-the-go, but don’t think it’s you regular porta-potty. It’s quite the opposite of that.
The guys at Improv Everywhere staged a series of surprises at the porta potty area to surprise concertgoers. When random people attending the concert opened up the magical “porta potty,” they were surprised by a ridiculous number of performers who streamed out from the door. It all took place at the Governors Ball music festival in New York.
If you have a friend who is typically nervous when it comes to using these types of toilets at public events (we all have at least one friend who’s this way), then make sure to share this video with them.

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