The Worst Thieves! They Thought They Stole A Wad Of Money, But Were Horrified When They Saw The “Prey”

Hapless Michael Hogg, aged 33 and Andrew Wood, aged 28, have been labeled the most stupid thieves in the UK.

Criminals have seen several houses in the town of Hartlepool. They looked out the window when the owners were not home to see if they have objects of value or something worth stolen. They thought God helped them when they saw a pile of money lying floor of a house. They smashed the window, thinking that the owner is not home.

Luckily,for the owner, the thieves took only the stack of money and fled. The man began to laugh out loud when police said the house was broken. The paper money was made for a movie. Thieves, recidivists, received three years and nine months in prison for what was supposed to be “robbery of the century”: some paper money!

It’s probably a sign that they should find a job.


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