The two friends lip sync a conversation between a pair of 60-year-old sisters

Need something to brighten up your day and put a smile on your face? Well, the video below is just what you need.
The clip is just a small sample of the talent of the three young men who form a sketch comedy group called the Kloons. What exactly do they do?
Well, take a few moments to imagine your mom and aunt as 30-year-old men. Having a hard time getting a mental visualization of that? The video below will help you out. Because that’s what the Kloons do.
They lip-sync a random conversations recorded between one of the men’s aunt and mom, two women in their 60s who of course have interests that are appropriate for people their age.
The concept of the sketches combined with the way they act out the conversations is so hilarious that it doesn’t even matter what the two women are actually talking about. As you can imagine, all the conversations are taken out of context, and the guys do a great job putting all the pieces together to create a hilarious story.
The video below is one of their most popular ones, the first in a series of videos appropriately entitled “Sisters.”

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