The Story Of A Couple From Sweden That Nobody Understands. “I wish That The 3 Of Us Could Get Married And Form A Happy Couple”

Fridland Erik, his wife Linda and Hampus Engstrom live together, with the couple’s four children. But what links the three is downright unusual.Erik and Linda share the same lover. Her husband, aged 35, fell in love with Hampus, having met at work, both as taxi drivers.
When he decided to tell his wife about Hampus, Linda had an unexpected reaction. She wanted to know him.
After several meetings in three, Linda fell in love with her husband’s lover. It did not take long and all three started sharing the bedroom.
“We have a lot in common. We complete. I never thought I could love two people at the same time, but that is what I feel right now,” says Linda.
After several months, the three decided to live together. Thus, Hampus moved into their home.
“The three of us want to get married, we can go on vacation and stay in the same hotel room, without looking strange,” said Erik.




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