The Poison Inside The Cereal Box! We serve children “a mix of refined flours, exotic oils, synthetic vitamins and artificial flavors”

Breakfast cereals served at both children and adults are not without E-numbers. That shows the latest study conducted by the Association for Consumer Protection in Europe Specifically, scientists have analyzed 73 types of grains that are on the shelves. If 62% of the analyzed products were identified artificial flavors.

“Only 38% of products analyzed were used whole grains, ie serial milling of grain whole or flours dietary manufacture refined grains, the percentage of flour diet is between 24% and 75%, but these were distorted by addition of artificial flavors, synthetic minerals and vitamins, sugar and food additives “, says the research.

At the same time, scientists have shown that most of the products analyzed names to mislead the consumer.

“Whole grains with the taste of strawberry powder containing 0.3% strawberry, chocolate cereal flakes containing 1.5% chocolate powder, extruded cereals with cocoa and chocolate flavored contain glycerin, artificial chocolate flavor 4.75% cocoa powder “, says the research.


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