The John Lewis Christmas advert is emotional. It’s ok to cry

This viral video reach more than 10 mil views in just 3 days! Its the viral of this month and its an advert.

Monty the penguin has been released into the wild… but it looks like he won’t be there for long. The cute character and star of John Lewis’ highly anticipated Christmas ad, which will either bring a tear to your eye or make you feel nauseous depending on your disposition, is proving popular already.

Sam and Monty are the very best of friends. Sam thinks he knows just what Monty is dreaming of for Christmas… something that will make one little penguin’s perfect Christmas day.

Based on the John Lewis Christmas TV advert, the book ‘Monty’s Christmas’ shows that the best gifts of all come from the heart

Watch the new John Lewis Christmas TV advert with Monty The Penguin and leave your opinion bellow:

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