George the Great Dane Service Dog

Most kids want a dog growing up – and for good reason. Dogs are some of the best companions anyone could ever ask for. They are loving and loyal, and just a lot of fun to be around. But for the little girl named Bella in the video below, her dog George is more than a pet. He is the reason she can walk.
You see, the 11-year-old was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called Morquio Syndrom. Because of this condition, as she gets older, her mobility becomes more and more restricted. Unfortunately, there is little doctors can do in terms of treatment.
Even so, Bella’s parents were determined to help their little girl in any way they could. This is how they learned about service dogs and how they help people who have disabilities lead a more fulfilling and more independent life.
In their search for the perfect service dog for Bella, her parents came across George and they instant knew he was the right dog for Bella. Now, the two are basically inseparable and Bella often refers to George as her hero.
To show appreciation for everything George has done for her, Bella put together an awesome surprise for him and offered him a day full of activities he loves.
The girl got a lot of help from BarkPost. As part of the company’s video series, “Dog’s Best Day,” the dog was treated to a day full of amazing surprises.
Of course, Bella was right there! You can discover their amazing adventures by watching the video below.

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