Teeny Yorkie Picks Biggest Toy In Store & We Can’t Stop Laughing Seeing Her Carry It.

The adorable Yorkie named Lucy in the video below might be teeny but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t like to shop big. In fact, according to the clip’s brief description on YouTube, Lucy’s owners have made a habit out of taking their beloved pet shopping with them.
What’s more, they let her pick out the toy she wants, and Lucy couldn’t be happier. But don’t think Lucy picks a toy before seeing the entire store offering. In fact, the pup will actually get up on the lower shelf which she can reach easily sniff and search for what she thinks is the perfect toy for the day.
Her owners know it’s a process, so they will patiently wait for her to make her decision. The owners know Lucy has finally found the toy she wants when she will latch onto it and won’t let go. As soon as that happen, they can head out to the register.
On this particular shopping trip, Lucy chose a toy that is bigger than she is, but that hasn’t stopped her from carrying it all through the store. You see, the dog is totally oblivious to her size and thinks she is just as big as any other dog she comes across.
Take a look:

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