These teens were texting and driving, but this changes when they meet someone

How many times do you look down at your phone throughout the day? The average person checks their phones more than 100 times every day. That number increases in the case of teenagers who can spend hours texting and browsing on social media networks.
And unfortunately, that behavior doesn’t change when teens get behind the wheel. The consequences can be disastrous. A single moment of not paying attention can end a life. It can happen that quickly!
In fact, distracted driving is a leading cause of death among teens in the United States. It’s an increasing problem in America, and despite numerous campaigns mean to raise awareness about this issue, many teens choose to ignore the risks.
Maybe it’s because they think it could never happen to them.
But what if they would actually meet a victim who was affected by someone who thought texting and driving is no big deal? Jacy is one of those people whose lives changed forever because a driver chose to use his phone behind the wheel.
Jacy was 21-years-old, driving home from her college graduation ceremony when she was involved in an accident caused by a distracted driver. Both of her parents were in the car with Jacy, and both of them died as a result of the collision. Jacy suffered extensive injuries.
We all have our reasons for using our phones while driving. But none of them are worth ending a life.
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