Teen Is Starving and Homeless – Gets Confused When Custodian Brings Him to Her ‘Other’ Closet

For the past three years, Carolyn Collins has been a custodian at Tucker High School. The woman started a program called “The Care Closet” through which she aims to make a difference in the life of those students who may be struggling and who may not have access to basic things like food and clothes.
The Care Closet is basically a custodian closet which Carolyn has turned into a supply room that anyone who needs supplies can access and take whatever they want, no questions asked. Over the years, this has proven to be a real support for students, particularly those who don’t have a steady roof over their heads.
Carolyn put a lot of time and effort into making sure the closet is always stocked with all the basic stuff students need, including clothes, canned goods and school supplies.
And believe it or not, she uses her own money to buy for everything. Don’t think Carolyn is rich or anything like this. She is just a strong believer that we should all do our part and help others in any way we can.
Carolyn started this project a couple of years ago after two students at the school who were then homeless told her that they were hungry and had nowhere to sleep. As you can imagine, the woman was touched by their struggle and knew that they were probably not the only two students at school in this situation.
Carolyn determination to keep the project going is definitely inspiring. Everyone should see this!

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