Swollen-Headed Dog Who had No Hope as a Puppy is a Hero Now

A young dog who was discovered wandering alone with a head the size of a pumpkin has not only bounced back healthwise, but has also become a beacon of hope for animal welfare advocates and children alike.

Gus was first spotted wandering in a deserted area of Houston, Texas. He was filthy, wounded, and his head was alarmingly swollen. His picture, posted on Facebook, caught the attention of Houston K-911 Rescue. Responding to the post, the rescue team set out to search an abandoned apartment complex, guided to Gus by a strong odor.

“We were just about to pass by it, when we noticed the opening and peered in with a flashlight. After a few moments, we remarked on the foul smell inside. Just as we were about to venture into one of the rooms, the dog ambled out,” the rescue organization narrated on Facebook. Although Gus was terrified, they successfully lured him into a trap. Upon seeing him at the vet for the first time, Anna from Houston K-911 was brought to tears.

“He was utterly hopeless and he was just a puppy,” Anna noted. “He was barely 10 months old.” A shoestring had been tightly wrapped around Gus’s neck, embedding into his skin as he grew. In addition, he had been hit by a car, resulting in a broken pelvis, and he had 26 pellets lodged in his leg.

Despite all this, Gus remained stoic. Throughout his treatment, he was “very cooperative,” according to Anna. “He was more than willing to accept our help… He endured it like a champ.” It was a lengthy healing process, with Gus spending an entire month in the hospital before being taken home by Anna to recuperate. As he started feeling better, he transformed into a laid-back, joyful dog.

While the initial plan was to find Gus a new home, he adapted so seamlessly to Anna’s family that she decided he was here to stay. He wasn’t going anywhere; he had found his forever home with her.

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