Susan Boyle’s Rendition Of ‘Away In A Manger’ Is Like None Other, Proves That Talent Trumps All

Susan Boyle is the best example that if something is meant for you, it will happen, sooner or later. As I’m sure you remember, the world discovered Susan’s incredible talent late on in her life through a talent show that Susan actually ended up winning. Then, Susan fulfilled her biggest dream of being on a stage and singing in front of a big audience.
Since that famous audition that made everyone fall in love with her incredible voice, Susan has kept busy. After releasing several albums, she focused her attention on perfecting her live performances. That’s because she felt that through these live performances, she has a better chance of connecting to her audience at a much deeper level.
Susan’s performances are always filled with feeling and emotion, but the entire performance seems elevated to a new level when she sings Christmas songs. Boyle’s voice really shines on these types of songs, as you’ll be able to tell by listening to this chillingly beautiful rendition of “Away in Manger.”
There are just a couple of days left until Christmas, so if you are still working on your holiday playlist for this year, now you have a great new addition that everyone is going to appreciate.

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