Surfer amazes crowd on HUGE wave—HOLY COW

Surfers are known for constantly pushing themselves and their own limits, always pursuing the next big wave. What may seem extremely dangerous to the most of us, it may seem like another opportunity to experience something amazing to a surfer.
The clip below shows surfer Sebastian Steudtner wowing the crowd that gathered to see something spectacular at Praia de Norte, Portugal during the World Surfing League’s “big wave awards”. The footage shows the surfer’s entry for the “ride of the year” award for 2016. Judging by these images, he is already an early contender to take the crown.
The surfer who was born in Nuremberg, German managed to impress both the people watching him from a side, as well as the judges. The images are just spectacular. The surfer looks as if he is flying above the waves, and putting on an incredible show while he’s doing it.
Two-time champion, Sebastian Steudtner left his hometown of Nuremberg at the age of 16 to pursue his passion for water and his dream for living a free, independent life. His performance is hard to overlook.
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