Stray Great Pyrenees Puppy Gets Into Prickly Predicament After Becoming Stuck On Cactus

It was a challenging ordeal for poor Tumbleweed, a 5-month-old Great Pyrenees puppy, when he became trapped on a cactus and had to be rushed to the Arizona Humane Society hospital for immediate care.

During her rounds, Nina, an emergency animal medical technician from AHS, came across the distressed puppy. Tumbleweed was tangled in a web of burrs and spines, a painful consequence of his encounter with the unforgiving cactus.

Fortunately, Nina skillfully freed him from the prickly grip and ensured he received the necessary help and attention he desperately needed.

The veterinary team at the hospital observed that Tumbleweed’s long fur had become so entangled with the cactus burrs that shaving him down and meticulously removing every prickly object became the only solution. Throughout the procedure, although Tumbleweed appeared bewildered by the commotion, his gentle nature never wavered. Patiently enduring the painstaking process, he allowed the veterinary team to remove the painful spines that covered his entire body.

With his recovery underway, Tumbleweed’s luck took a turn for the better. Within a remarkably short period, just a week after being rescued and made available for adoption, the adorable puppy found a loving new home where he could receive the care and affection he deserved.

Tumbleweed’s story serves as a testament to the resilience and compassionate efforts of the Arizona Humane Society staff, who swiftly came to his aid. Thanks to their dedication and the kindness of his new family, Tumbleweed’s painful cactus misadventure became a distant memory as he embarked on a fresh chapter filled with love and care.

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