A Strange Dog Settles Down for A Nap at A Woman’s House – Every Day – Then He Brings a Note

Need something to brighten up your mood and put a smile on your face? Then, this story is just what you need.
The story is about a woman living in a quiet neighborhood where not a lot went on and everybody pretty much knows each other. So she was surprised when she came home one day to find an unknown dog sleeping on the front porch of her house.
What was even stranger was the fact that the dog, a beautiful Golden Retriever, seemed like he had a home and was well-taken care of. He wasn’t a stray, and even had a collar on. The dog was very friendly, so the woman decided to let him into the house to give him some water.
The dog sat down on the carpet, took a nap, and after a couple of hours, woke up and left. A few weeks passed by, and the dog made an appearance again. And it happened all over again. Soon after, the dog made a habit out of stopping by to take a nap almost every day around noon.
Baffled by the dog’s strange behavior, the owner of the house decided to write a note and put it on the dog’s collar. In the note, the woman expressed her desire to find out more about the beautiful dog who keeps visiting.
Knowing the dog most likely has an owner who takes good care of him, she wanted to find out why the dogs keeps coming by her home, who is his owner, and where does the dog live.
The next day, when the dog came back, he had a note pinned on his collar. It was a reply from his owner.
Here’s what the note said: “Our Golden Lab lives in a home with 6 children, 2 under the age of 3, so I’m guessing he’s trying to catch up on his sleep. One question: Can I come with him tomorrow?’”







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