Stop Frying Bacon. Master Chef Shares Best Way to Cook It So It’s Perfectly Crispy, Every Time

Everybody loves bacon, right? It’s the perfect side to eggs in the morning, that extra something to take your plain salads to the next level, and great with basically any type of sandwich. But while most of us love bacon, not everybody knows how to cook it right so that they get it perfectly crispy and delicious every single time.
Although the process of cooking bacon might seem simple at first, there are actually many mistakes you can make when cooking bacon the traditional way, on the stove. For starters, if you set the heat on too high, you’ll end up with soggy yet burnt bacon.
Another thing most people do wrong is that they put too much bacon in the pan at once. This way, you inevitably end up with bacon that overlaps. The bacon that is touching the pan will most likely get burned, while the one on top won’t cook all the way through. Either way, the result is not great bacon.
On the other hand, if you put just one or two slices of bacon in the pan at once, there won’t be enough grease to lubricate the pan properly. The result is, again, burnt bacon. So what can you do? Well, quit using a pan to cook your bacon altogether and use your oven instead.
When done right, this method is not only a lot easier and allows you to cook large quantities of bacon at once but it also removes the pain out of cleaning your pan afterwards.
So how do you cook bacon in the oven? Watch the video below to find out:

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