Singing “Christmas in Heaven,” Scotty McCreery Brings Hope for Those with Lost Loved Ones

There are many reasons that so many people from all over the world look forward to Christmas and get so excited for it. From all the beautiful decorations to all the delicious dishes and, of course, the presents, there are many awesome things about this time of the year.
But if you ask me, the most valuable thing we get for Christmas is time; time we get to spend with our family and friends around the tree, making jokes and creating beautiful memories together. Sadly, though, not everyone gets the chance to be with the ones they love.
For all those who have lost a loved one, Christmas is a particularly difficult time of the year. But there is always hope to be found in all the memories and consolation in the thought that love never really goes away.
And then there’s music. Music has a healing power and it can bring us comfort so that we can experience the joy and warmth of Christmas even if important people we’ve met in our lives can’t physically be with us because they are in Heaven.
The performance you are just about to watch by Scotty McCreery embodies this hopeful message. And Scotty’s warm voice only elevates the emotions of the song and takes it to a whole new level of grace and empathy.
Christmas is all about thinking about others and being generous, so make sure to share this video so that it maybe reaches someone who can take real comfort in listening to it as well.

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