Singer Unearths Grandma’s Lyrics from 30 Yrs Ago, Records Song That Has Her in Tears.


We all have big dreams when we are young. We want to take over the world and actually feel strong and motivated enough to do it. But as we grow older and take on more and more of the responsibilities life inevitably throws at us, those dreams often take a back seat.
Paying the next electricity bill or your rent always seems more important than saving up money to go see your favorite band on concert or buy that guitar you’ve always wanted. Life gets busy, and it’s easy to get sucked up in everyday stuff and forget about the passions you had when you were in your twenties.
But you never truly let go of your dreams. So when this grandmother from Blytheville, Arkansas heard the lyrics she wrote more than three decades ago being played on the cassette player, she couldn’t hold back the tears.
As a young woman, she was passionate about writing music, and somehow, the lyrics she wrote reached her son who knew he had to use it to surprise his mom. As chance would have it, the man’s son Travis is a gifted singer, so things just fell into place.
Travis used his voice to record a song to make his grandma’s talent heard and gave new life to the beautiful lyrics she wrote more than thirty years ago. After all this time, the woman recognized her creative work almost immediately.
This is such a beautiful surprise; don’t you think? And grandma’s reaction is just perfect. Take a look: