Silencing All Rumors, Denzel Washington Finally Makes Things Abundantly Clear

Denzel Washington has been in the movie business for decades now. He is without a doubt one of the biggest celebrities in Hollywood and his life has always been in the public eye.
With paparazzi following him everywhere he goes and constantly having to do press for the movies he is a part of, there’s little people don’t know or can’t easily find out about him.
Even so, Denzel has somehow managed to keep certain things away from the public. There’s one thing about him that only his family and dearest friends have known about him – until now. This secret we’re referring to here as to do with Denzel’s tumultuous relationship with God.
Now, Denzel has opened up about this aspect of his life. He’s publicly admitted that although he is now a passionate Christian, his relationship with God hasn’t always been smooth sailing.
After his dad, a pastor, passed away, Denzel began to question his faith and whether God actually existed or not. It was something that troubled him many years of his life until he was finally able to come to terms with his father’s death and start to talk to God again.
Then is when his life changed and doubt was no longer a part of it.

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