Sick Husband Opens Wife’s Baseball Cards, Then Sees Hidden Message & Breaks Down.

Among the promises each partner in a couple makes to the other during a wedding, there’s one that talks about being there for the one you’ve chosen to spend the rest of your life in times of sickness, as well as in times of health.
Heather Winfree took that commitment seriously when she married the love of her life, Steve Winfree. She knew going into the marriage that Steve suffers from a serious kidney condition, and that the only way he could fully recover was through a kidney transplant.
Steve was diagnosed 14-years-ago and has been battling the disease ever since. That meant, among many other impediments, long days spent in the hospital. To help pass the time, Steve would often indulge in his hobby for baseball card, a passion him and his wife shared.
That’s why Heather decided to use a baseball card to give Steve the best news possible. You see, Heather was actually contemplating the idea of becoming a donor and give a kidney to her husband.
And believe it or not, tests revealed that they were a match! Heather broke the news using a baseball card, and it’s the best thing ever! Filled with baseball puns and funny comments, the text she wrote on the card is both sweet and funny.
The man’s reaction when he realizes the incredible gesture his wife decided to make for him will bring you to tears. “You are saving my life,” he said with his eyes flooded with tears.
P.S: You might want to grab a box of tissue before you watch this!

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