She gives birth on the sidewalk, collapses when help arrives while protecting her puppies

This narrative tells the tale of an adorable dog, who was sadly abandoned by her owner when she fell pregnant, according to thepetneeds.

The owner, neglecting to provide the care or assume the responsibility she needed, put the dog in the car and drove her to a distant place from where she could not return.
Faced with near death, the pregnant dog fought to keep her soon-to-be pups safe as her health rapidly deteriorated during her days living on the streets, carrying a heavily pregnant belly. Fortunately, a kind stranger came to her aid, providing a cardboard box as a makeshift place for her to give birth under slightly better circumstances. This courageous mother brought six puppies into the world within the confines of this cardboard box, however, tragically, two did not survive.

Despite the overwhelming exhaustion from her lone battle, she strived to keep her remaining puppies fed and warm. Fortunately, her efforts were spotted by a passerby who contacted a local woman to come to the aid of the dog and her young. Winning the mother’s trust was a challenge, as she was fiercely protective and unwilling to let anyone near her puppies.

After numerous attempts, the dog began to understand the rescuers meant no harm and finally allowed them to help her and her puppies. They were immediately taken to a veterinary clinic to receive the much-needed medical care.

It was a critical juncture for the worn-out mother, but with the right treatment, there was hope for her recovery. Additionally, her puppies needed to be under observation for the next two days to ascertain their survival. Thankfully, they all survived and have been steadily gaining weight.

Meanwhile, the mother dog was put on a special diet to regain her strength, spent from caring for her puppies. The story ends on a positive note as both the mother dog and her puppies will soon be up for adoption. The story is also captured in the video below.

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